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CELEBRATE coffee with us the rest of the work week!

In honor of National and International Coffee Days, we are offering 15% off your order…from Wednesday a.m. to midnight Friday night, you’ll automatically receive a 15% discount off your order…this includes subscriptions!  Happy coffee everyone!

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Importance of H2O - Peak Water Filter

Brewing with good water is incredibly important!  If you have hard water, or multiple solubles in your tap, then you may want to consider a filter.  Prima Coffee Equipment is an incredible resource for all your coffee gear, and they offer the best filter available, the Peak Water Filter.  Check them out at and do your coffee a favor, filter your water!

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Potter Pods available for Subscriptions!!!

Hey all you Pod-lovers, now you can experience the fun and excitement of a subscription with our Pods! Every two weeks we will delivery (18) pods of a unique coffee.  Plus you’ll receive cool info on where the coffee came from, and little dorky facts about coffee!  When you sign up, just say you want Potter Pods!

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